Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Youtube Job

Youtube Job opportunities abound. Anyone can apply for a job with Youtube. All you need do is open and account with Youtube and start uploading videos that people will watch. They do not need to be long - no more than 5 minutes is ideal.

What is YouTube marketing? Let’s get on the same page and make sure we’re all using the same definition. Here’s one that I use. YouTube marketing is...

“A subset of social media marketing that uses video content to promote a business and its products and services, as well as add value, and entertain and educate users.”

Hopefully that’s simple enough that we can all agree to it. The chances are pretty good that you have some idea of You Tube’s potential to help your business, but maybe there are some skeptics who still need convincing. Everyone is on YouTube at some point or other. And usage continues to go up year over year.

Here’s a great illustration of the popularity of YouTube. 48 hours of video uploaded every minute in 2011! And you can see the growth over the years, starting at 8 hours in 2007.

And there are now 3 BILLION You Tube VIEWS EACH DAY! 3 Billion with a capital B! It’s hard to even comprehend. Now with that amount of people going to Youtube there is an opportunity to connect with them as an internet marketer. There are many jobs being advertised for people with skills or knowledge about Social Media - and that includes Youtube. You can actually have a Youtube job working for a social media company - or you could work for yourself on Youtube as an internet marketer.. In fact most people who work on Youtube do so as consultants because the pay is so much better than the salaried positions at Youtube and the other Social Media companies - not that over $70,000 a year is bad money.

When you investigate the business opportunities as a freelancer you too might decide you don't need a Youtube job either.

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